Upcycled football keepsakes, celebrating the game we love.

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Each of these pieces is one-of-one and made with great attention to detail. The goal is to upcycle football (or soccer) goods into timeless home decor and art pieces. This brand is a celebration of the beautiful game, and a unique way to bring it into any home. 

Commissioned Pieces

Every 1-2 months, I will be opening up a couple of custom order slots. In order to get a custom order going, you must reserve one of these open spots and pay a deposit for your project. This is to ensure that I can give these few projects the time and attention that they deserve and also make it fair for everyone. If you happen to see the spots all sold out/reserved, they will be reopened at the time of the next drop.

  • Sell your old damaged gear

    Have an old damage ball that still has a little life in it? Use the contact form below to see if it might be a good fit for a project.

  • Custom Orders

    There will be a limited amount of custom order slots, every 1-2 months. These are on a first come basis until the slots are full.

  • Limited Releases

    Pieces will be released every month or two, & not restocked. Stay tuned for the limited release dates. Follow the Instagram for the latest.

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